We offer three payment terms, either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Each option offers a different discount; the longer the timeframe that you pay for, the bigger the discount.

We have one option only that offers all the features.

No complicated plans with different tiers that offer different features, just one user friendly, straightforward option with all the features at one value for money price! To see the price per operator, click on your selection and see the price you will be charged. We offer a free, no obligation 30 day trial that allows you to test with 1 operator. Our prices offer superb value and the best customer support offering available!

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30 Days Free Trial = (Including 1 Company Admin and 2 Employees)
  • $3.5
    Monthly Boost and Measure Productivity with OutputMaster
  • $29.99
    Annual Boost and Measure Productivity with OutputMaster